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More Than ‘Just a Teacher'

Teachers are content creators. Learnsharify is the Learning Management System that doubles as a revenue sharing platform for teachers. You (the teacher) enjoy our platform for its revenue sharing model, your school district gets to use our platform for free, your students and their parents can view all your digital academic content all year long. Win-Win-WIn!

Ditch the paper

Docs and PDf’s post easily under your class assignments tab, just have your students view it and download it if need be. Downloading and uploading assignments to Learnsharify is easy!

Teachers Drive Ed Tech Adoption

Most ed tech companies seem to forget that what gives them their paychecks is software adoption. But if we as teachers ban together, the more eyeballs on our own platform- the greater its value! By shifting the ed tech space to being ad-supported, we save our school districts money and reshape the future of educational technology around teachers!

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How it Works

Create an account, create and populate your classes with students and content, use Learnsharify to distribute your digital content, and make passive income from your Learnsharify site. It’s that simple.

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Start your e-learning journey by creating an account with us. Simply provide your basic information and set up your account as either a student or a teacher.

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Create classes in your class dashboard, and start sending email invites to parents and students today

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Start posting your class materials, save your school some paper, and maximize your schools technological infrastructure!

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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing high quality teacher and learner centered educational software domestically and globally. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services that cater to both learners and educators.


Student Learning Portal

  • Provide a repository of academic content for your students and parents!
  • Use Learnsharify as a means to distribute your academic content for in-person instruction.
  • Track progress of students by viewing and grading their assignments.
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Teacher Management Tools

  • Empower teachers with a user-friendly platform to manage reading materials and resources.
  • Create and share course materials, assignments, and announcements with ease.
  • Streamline communication with students and track their progress for effective teaching.
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