Mission Statement

We at Learnsharify are proud partners to educators on the front lines of classrooms both public and private. We acknowledge the significant role teachers play in the education and socialization of our youth in America and across the globe. We vow to always keep our students, teachers, parents, administrators, and other possible members of the educational community at large in mind ALWAYS when developing ed tech software. We will always pay our teacher users as Content Curators

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Our Commitment to Educators

At Learnsharify we are dedicated to providing the best possible content distribution platform created with real teacher input. We strive to provide exceptional learning experiences that maximize the academic potential of all students.

Learnsharify was created with the contemporary teacher in mind. We know you may be required or asked to use other similar programs in your classroom. But here are some practical applications of Learnsharify.

  • list-icon Use Learnsharify as your classroom learning management system!
  • list-icon Post a reading assignment in Learnsharify for students to read aloud in class.
  • list-icon Use as a conduit for professional learning communities, as well as other faculty organizations.
  • list-icon Post math problems for students to solve and show work for on paper.
  • list-icon Use Learnsharify for team sports or clubs as a fundraiser.
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Innovation in Education

At Learnsharify, we embrace innovation as the driving force behind our e-learning platform. By leveraging student web traffic to further develop Learnsharify into a one-stop shop e-learning platform. We vow to never stop expanding and reinvesting in this business. Teachers know what tools they need in the classroom. That’s what makes us special- Learnsharify is actually designed by teachers, for teachers. Here’s a look at some of our future plans to develop Learnsharify features and applications.

  • list-icon Interactive educational games
  • list-icon Customizable ad features.
  • list-icon Teacher To Teacher market place to exchange content.
  • list-icon Interactive tools for content, including submitting, writing on, and answer key features.
  • list-icon Learnsharify analytics and stats related to your educational content and student usage.
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